Web Development

JS Introduction

What is Javascript ? JavaScript is also called JS is an object oriented programming language which is mostly used for web development for scripting... Read more »

JS First Program

Lets execute our very first JavaScript program. Create a file index.html and add following code in it. <script type="text/javascript"> document.write("First Javascript program"); </script> The... Read more »

JS Comments

JavaScript comments are used to write messages that explain the code. Comments are useful to display information about the code this information is useful... Read more »

Introduction to Laravel

Hello friends In the Laravel Tutorial series we will learn What is Laravel? and how it is useful to develop Large scale dynamic Web... Read more »

Laravel Installation

In this post we will have a look at the steps involved in laravel installation. Laravel requires Composer a Dependency Manager. We need to... Read more »

Laravel App Structure

Hello friends after successful installation of laravel let's have a look at the Application structure of Laravel. The application structure refers to the folders,... Read more »

Laravel Request Lifecycle

In this post we will have a look at Laravel Request Lifecycle. When we use frameworks or programming technologies understanding the flow how it... Read more »

Laravel Routing

Routing is one of the important part in web application development. A route is basically and endpoint which works as a pointer in laravel... Read more »

Laravel Middleware

Middleware is a mediator between the request sent by the user and the response. When a user requests something to the server then the... Read more »

How to get last insert ID in Lumen Laravel ?

What is Last Insert ID? Last insert id is the AUTO INCREMENT ID of the of the last record inserted in the table. Very... Read more »